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A Million Voices

Are you up for a challenge? A challenge to voice your support for the upcoming Invictus Games and our wounded warriors? We’re turning to Canadians across the nation to participate in the first ever A Million Voices initiative.

The A Million Voices initiative is a movement designed to bring individual voices together, curating examples of how citizens from Canada, and around the world, have felt empowered to give their voice to the wounded, ill and injured competitors of the 2017 Invictus Games.


According to Veteran Affairs Canada, more than one million Canadians served in World War II, alone. To date, there are many more Canadian active duty and veteran men and women who have served our country. Between now and September 2017, we’re challenging one million Canadians to join us in supporting our servicemen and women by creating a video reciting Invictus.

We are confident that every voice matters deeply and trust that just one voice can uncover strength of character, compassion and commitment. We also believe that a million voices raised together is stronger, louder, and collectively honours those who have served.


There are multiple ways to ensure your voice is heard and counted towards the goal of one million over the coming months:

  • Record yourself reciting the Invictus poem, and share it with us by:
    • Posting it on your social media using #AMillionVoices.
    • Upload your video to YouTube — use #AMillionVoices #Milliondevoix — and share your video URL with us through the Voice Tracker page.
  • Demonstrate your support by purchasing and wearing the Invictus Games patch
  • Print and display the Invictus poem and Infographic at your home, work or school
  • Available soon, members of the Invictus Games community will be able to create their very own Invictus Games-related event or attend an Invictus Games community event near you.

FAQ - A Million Voices

Between now and September 20, 2017 — Invictus Games Day — we’re challenging one million Canadians to join us in supporting our servicemen and women by reciting the Invictus poem.

Upload a video of you, your community, sports team or group of friends reciting Invictus (downloadable here) to our Voices Tracker page.

Anyone across the country! Offices, schools, legions, community centres, sports teams and everyone in between is encouraged to add their own unique voice.

Everywhere across Canada — in classrooms, offices, on social media, at WE Day, at Toronto Maple Leafs games and in neighbourhoods from coast to coast.

The A Million Voices initiative will be an accumulation of voices leading up to Invictus Games Day, September 20, 2017

The Invictus Games are the only international adaptive sporting event for wounded, ill and injured active duty and veteran service members. These brave men and women have served us, now it’s time to show our support.

We want to start a movement to build awareness for the upcoming Invictus Games and recognize our wounded warriors. Creating a unified and empathetic community will empower the competitors on their journey to the Games. We want to give all Canadians a chance to voice their support and display their gratitude for our ill, wounded and injured servicemen and women.

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